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Sport Activities

Take care of your employees, and they will treat your customers carefully. CBC Fitness Corner promotes a healthy lifestyle and keeps your team in shape.

State of the art equipment, the most popular group trainings out there, highly specialised personal trainers, massage, and spectacular rooftop classes are a sample of what we bring to the CBC sport enthusiasts.

Keep your team in shape and feel the benefits of a FIT company.


Enjoy a special experience on the rooftop alongside Fitness Corner, the only gym in Cluj with guaranteed results!


We are addicted to sport and Fitness Corner is the place we created for people who share the same passion.
Keep your team in shape for a productive company!

Latest devices designed by Pininfarina

Stretching and dedicated events

Meniu fitness

@ CBC Restaurant

TRX, cycling, bodypump, pilates, metabolic, bagboxing, tabata & more

Bootcamps and hiking

Yoga sessions

Sauna, massage

Accredited personal trainers


Rooftop classes